Iran Parliament Praise Nuclear Negotiators' Resistance against G5+1

Iran Parliament Praise Nuclear Negotiators' Resistance against G5+1
Sun Jul 12, 2015 16:16:28

Iranian Parliament (Majlis) lawmakers praised nuclear negotiators' resistance in talks with six world powers, Al-Alam News Network reports.

In a statement released on Sunday, the lawmakers admired the negotiating team's resistance towards US and its allies' excessive demands.

Iranian negotiators showed good will in talks but on the other side, arrogant western powers reiterated their common excuses in order to reach their gloomy goals, MPs added.

US decision makers have proved that they are not trustworthy and they have planned to deprive Iranian nation from its rights beyond the international rules and regulations, the lawmakers noted.

MPs urged the negotiators to respect the red lines.

They called for immediate removal of embargoes against Iran's finance, banking and arms sectors without condition and before proposed IAEA verification of Iran's nuclear activities.

Iran will not allow inspectors to visit its military sites or interview the nuclear scientists, lawmakers added.

MPs said that the negotiators should not accept limitations on Iran's research and development program or uncommon time tables.

The lawmakers' statement urged using internal capacities to resolve economic problems.

It also praised nation's large turnout in Quds Day, urging the Muslim nations to be united against the Zionists.

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