10 Doctors in Mosul, 60 Tribesmen in Anbar Executed by ISIS

10 Doctors in Mosul, 60 Tribesmen in Anbar Executed by ISIS
Fri Apr 10, 2015 17:48:53

ISIS member in Iraq have savagely executed 10 doctors who refused to treat wounded members of the terrorist organization.

ISIS terrorists are understood to have been fighting local groups in the Hammam al-Alil area when several of them sustained injuries requiring medical treatment. When the doctors refused on the grounds they do not support the terror group's activities, the men were brutally murdered.

A photograph taken in the battle-ravaged area 15 miles south of the extremists' northern Iraqi stronghold Mosul captures the moment fighters killed several of the doctors with a bullet to the head.

Details of the doctors' brutal murders in the northern Iraqi desert were reported by the country's Al-Sumaria satellite television network.

ISIS terrorists

Local official Mowaffaq Hamid al-Azawi described the city of Mosul as a big open-air prison, where residents are subjected to barbaric torture at the hands of the ISIS terrorists.

The news comes as the terrorists reportedly executed 60 Sunni tribal fighters in Iraq's Anbar province.

Members of the Al-Karableh, Albu Ubaid, Albu Mahal and Albu Salman tribes were brutally executed after paranoid ISIS militants accused them of collaborating with the Iraqi security forces.

Iraqi Army soldiers and volunteer Shiite militias allied with the Iraqi government have had great success in pushing ISIS out of key towns and villages recently.

Just last week the security forces liberated the city of Tikrit - the birthplace of Saddam Hussein and a strategically important area from which the Iraqi Army will look to recapture Mosul and eventually force ISIS out of the country altogether.

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