Local Official warning: ISIS Advancing in Anbar

Local Official warning: ISIS Advancing in Anbar
Fri Apr 10, 2015 16:58:16

More than 500 families have fled the Albu Farraj area to Ramadi city after Daesh seized control of the area, said an Iraqi official Friday.

Meanwhile 27 Daesh militants were killed in airstrikes by on Albu Farraj, Azal al-Fahdawi, a member of Anbar province’s council told Anadolu Agency.

Iraqi security forces managed to repel Daesh attacks on Ramadi except for Albu Farraj area, al-Fahdawi a member of Anbar province’s council, said added.

The Iraqi security forces launched a military operation on Wednesday to wrest control of Anbar province from Daesh with the help of 10,000 Sunni tribal fighters.

On Thursday, four people from the Khazraj Shiite tribe were killed and 24 others wounded in clashes with Daesh in the town of al-Dujail located south of Tikrit in the northern province of Saladin, a medical source told The Anadolu Agency.

The tribal fighters have repelled Daesh attack on the town, a security official said.

Meanwhile in the capital Iraqi officials say two separate bombings have targeted public places in Baghdad and near the Iraqi capital, killing 11 people, AP reports.

Police officials say a suicide bomber set off his explosives vest at noon on Friday inside a small restaurant in the town of Mishada, killing six people and wounding 14. Mishada is 30 kilometers (20 miles) north of Baghdad.

A little bit later, a car bomb blast in the downtown Karrada district in Baghdad killed five people and wounded 12.

ISIS killed 52 men -- the majority Iraqi police officers -- at the al Qaim border crossing with Syria this week, according to Sohaib al Rawi, governor of Iraq's Anbar province, CNN reports.

The men were shot Monday, and their deaths were confirmed by the governor's office Thursday.

ISIS had detained the victims since the militant group overran the border post last year.

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