Several ISIL terrorists killed in Sinjar airstrike

Several ISIL terrorists killed in Sinjar airstrike
Wed Aug 6, 2014 13:54:10

Several members of the ISIL terrorist group have been killed and dozens more wounded in an Iraqi army airstrke in the northwestern town of Sinjar.

The Iraqi security forces say the air raid was carried out on Tuesday when the Iraqi warplanes targeted the positions of the terrorist group in the city of Nineveh province.

The ISIL terrorists have recently captured the town overran the towns of Sinjar, Rabia and Zumar after driving away the Kurdish forces in the region.

Meanwhile, the Peshmerga Kurdish fighters reported have regained control of the some parts of Sinjar and the nearby border crossing town of Rabia.

In Sinjar, Witnesses say the terrorists executed dozens of Yazidi men for refusing to convert to their faith.

Besides executing the Yazidis, the Al-Qaeda offshoot, also took Yazidi women for "jihad" marriage.

ISIL militants, who are operating also in Syria, took control of Mosul in a lightning advance on June 10, which was followed by the fall of Tikrit, located 140 kilometers (87 miles) northwest of the capital, Baghdad. Tikrit has been reportedly retaken by the Iraqi army.

The militants have since been controlling some areas in northern and northwestern Iraq, committing crimes in those areas including mass execution of civilians as well as army troops and officers.

Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki has condemned ISIL’s crimes against Yazidis and Christians, saying the militants pose a huge threat to the minority community’s “centuries-old heritage.”


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