ISIL committing genocide in Sinjar, taking Yazidi women for 'jihad' marriage

ISIL committing genocide in Sinjar, taking Yazidi women for 'jihad' marriage
Wed Aug 6, 2014 12:24:39

Reports say the ISIL Takfiri militants are carrying out a "genocide" in Sinjar, a small town northwest of Iraq that was once home to Iraqi minority community, Yazidis.

The ISIL terrorists have recently captured the town after driving away the Kurdish forces in the region. Witnesses say the terrorists are executing dozens of Yazidis for refusing to convert to their faith.

Based on incoming reports 67 young men were shot dead by the militants. Besides executing the Yazidis, the Al-Qaeda offshoot, is also reportedly taking Yazidi women for "jihad" marriage.

Mohammed al-Khuzai, an official with the Iraqi Red Crescent Society said that ISIL took more than 100 Yazidi families to the airport at the nearby town of Tal Afar, where it executed the men.

"ISIL killed all the men," Khuzai said, "and are planning to keep the women for jihad marriage."

Reports claim that the terrorists have forcefully taken away a large number of children from the Yazidi town for their families.

Several Sinjar local government and municipal workers also have been executed by the ISIL.

“They arrested and executed four of my cousins because they worked for the municipality, and already they have begun destroying the homes of the people who fled, “ a witness said.

The United Nations that called the ISIL takeover of Sinjar as a 'Humanitarian Tragedy' also has raised concern over the fate of civilians, trapped in Jabal Sinjar mountains.

Reports claim that the ISIL militants are starving out the men, women and children stuck in the mountains without food and water.

"The United Nations has grave concerns for the physical safety of these civilians," Nickolay Mladenov, a top UN envoy in Iraq said in a statement.

A Yazidi lawmaker broke down in tears during a parliament session on Tuesday as she urged the government and the international community to save her community from the Takfiri militants who have overrun the region.

"Over the past 48 hours, 30,000 families have been besieged in the Sinjar mountains, with no water and no food," said Vian Dakhil.

The Yazidis, who coexist peacefully alongside Christian minority groups in the region, are considered "devil worshipers" by the terrorist group.


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