Brahimi: Little bit of common ground between Syrians

Brahimi: Little bit of common ground between Syrians
Fri Jan 31, 2014 18:27:41

The so-called Geneva II talks on Syria were ended wile huge differences remained between the Syrian government and opposition, UN-Arab League Special Envoy for Syria Lakhdar Brahimi has said.

"The gaps between the sides remain wide; there is no use pretending otherwise,” Brahimi told reporters on Friday at the end of the Geneva II conference on Syria.

“Nevertheless, during our discussions, I observed a little bit of common ground - perhaps more than the two sides realize or recognize," he said, adding that the depth of the crisis does not allow Syrians “to get out of the ditch overnight."

Brahimi stated that delegates from the Syrian government and the opposition offered their viewpoints on the future of the country through the implementation of the 2012 Geneva I communiqué.

According to Brahimi, discussions focused on how to stop violence and establish a transitional body with full executive powers.

However, progress has been very slow, with wide gaps remaining between the two sides.

The so-called Syrian National Council (SNC) and its Western supporters insist that Syrian President Bashar al-Assad must step down and a transitional government be formed in Syria.

But Damascus rejects the demand, arguing that the SNC does not represent the Syrian opposition.

The Geneva II talks, which kicked off in the Swiss town of Montreux on January 22, mark the first meeting between Syria’s warring sides since the country was gripped by crisis nearly three years ago.

The second round of negotiation is scheduled to begin on February 10.


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