Israeli artillery barrage target South Lebanon

Israeli artillery barrage target South Lebanon
Sun Dec 29, 2013 12:23:45

The Israeli military has fired a barrage of artillery shells towards southern Lebanon, striking several border areas but reportedly causing no damage.

The latest military aggression by the Tel Aviv regime came on Sunday, when uninhabited border zones in Lebanon, including Kfar Shouba, Rashia and al-Marea were struck by tank and artillery shells, Lebanon’s Al-Manar TV network reported.

The Israeli regime has confirmed that its tanks fired two dozen shells at numerous border points inside Lebanon, claiming that it was responding to “two Katyusha rockets” that landed in town of Kyriat Shmona in occupied Palestine near the Lebanese border.

This is while it is not clear who may have fired the rockets since no one has claimed responsibility for them.

Additionally, no injuries or damage were reported following the alleged rocket landings.

Meanwhile, UN peacekeepers in south Lebanon stated that they were trying to contain the situation in talks with both sides.

The UN peacekeeping force was deployed along the border after the 34-day war in 2006 which followed a massive Israeli aggression against Lebanon, killing nearly 1,200 mostly civilians in the Arab nation, and over 160 Israeli aggressors.


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