Lebanon to file a lawsuit at UN over Israeli spying

Lebanon to file a lawsuit at UN over Israeli spying
Mon Nov 11, 2013 19:47:12

Lebanon will file a lawsuit at the UN Security Council over Israel’s recent spying activities, the head of the parliamentary telecommunications committee said.

“The issue is very serious and it concerns our security, economy and daily life and we will take pre-emptive procedures and political measures, the simplest of which will be to file a complaint to the Security Council,” MP Hasan Fadlallah told reporters after the meeting in Parliament on Monday.

He said the committee agreed to task caretaker Foreign Affairs Minister Adnan Mansour with filing the complaint.

“The measures we agreed to [also include] ... working on expelling Israel from the International Telecommunication Union and we urged concerned ministries to intensify their efforts to reduce the dangers from the spying [activity],” he added.

The Hezbollah MP also said that the state would take other measures that he said should not be disclosed to the public.

Fadlallah said Israel’s spying devices pose a danger to security institutions in Lebanon including the military and banking sectors. On the latter, he said Israel’s technology could be used to hack into banking networks and breach banking secrecy.

"The situation is so dangerous to the point that we didn't bring our cell phones with us to the meeting,” Fadlallah said.

"We asked the parliamentary committee to stop giving details about the spying issue because we all know that no secret can be kept in Lebanon,” he said.

"If this was a national secret, they would compete to reveal it," he said.

He also noted that the Lebanese state is the sole party responsible for addressing the issue, saying the resistance group had voiced a similar stance.

Describing it as an “aggression,” the MP said Israel’s recent action was a national matter and that political disputes should be kept at a minimum.

Lebanese Parliament Speaker Nabih Berri last week revealed that the Tel Aviv regime had installed spying stations along Lebanon’s southern border, “starting from al-Naqoura passing by Khiyam all the way to Shebaa.”

The largest station is reportedly deployed in al-Abbad and Jal al-Alam areas, which are located near the UN-designated Blue Line.



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