Saudi activist confirms Bandar met with Israelis

Saudi activist confirms Bandar met with Israelis
Sun Dec 8, 2013 23:49:08

A Saudi Internet activist, known for publishing behind-the-scenes developments about the Saudi Arabia’s royal cliques, has confirmed recent meetings that have taken place between the chief of Saudi Arabia’s Security and Intelligence Agency and Israeli officials.

Responding to inquiries on the issue, the activist, known as Mojtahidd on the Twitter social networking website, verified in a Sunday post that Prince Bandar bin Sultan has indeed met with a number of Israeli authorities, including a meeting with his Israeli counterpart on November 27, Alalam reports.

According to Mojtahidd’s Twitter post, among the topics covered in the meeting were Iran, Syria, [Egypt’s] Muslim Brotherhood and the Arab Spring.

The two sides, he added, further agreed to inflate the Iranian issue, destroy the so-called ‘Jihadi’ groups in Syria, sideline the Brotherhood, and root out the Arab Spring.

The Saudi activist, who has gained a considerable following due to the accuracy of his past revealing statements, also noted that the Israeli contribution to the agreement would be through its intelligence experiences, its advanced technology and using its lobbying leverage to pressure American lawmakers.

The Saudi contribution to the reported pact would come in the form of funding as well as its influence over Arab and Muslim countries.

Mojtahidd further emphasized that he will next elaborate on a new corporation, named Al-Thomad, which has gained superiority over all other companies owned by Saudi princes and has thus turned into a major mystery.

Saudi authorities have so far not reacted to Mojtahidd’s newest revelations.


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