Cairo-Washington ties ‘shaken’: Egypt FM

Cairo-Washington ties ‘shaken’: Egypt FM
Tue Sep 24, 2013 13:00:38

Egypt’s Foreign Minister Nabil Fahmy has described Egyptian government's ties with the United States as “shaken”.

In an interview with London-based al-Hayat newspaper on Tuesday, Fahmy defined his country's relations with Washington as "shaken" after the recent stances taken by the US officials on the army's crackdown on pro-Muslim Brotherhood protesters.

He said the Egyptian public opinion toward the US was more negative than ever.

Last week, American officials said they were considering halting aid to Egypt following the ouster of President Mohamed Morsi.

Fahmy said that "the Egyptian government's decisions will not be affected by the US decision in regards to the aid to Egypt."

On August 20, Egypt's interim Prime Minister Hazem el-Beblawi said that it would be a mistake if the United States cut off military aid but insisted Cairo could survive without it.

Beblawi expressed regret over tensions in US-Egypt relations since the July 3 coup that toppled Morsi, Egypt's first elected president.

The United States has provided $1.3 billion in military assistance, including F-16 fighters and Abrams tanks, to Egypt every year since 1987.


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