Takfiris brutally kill Muslim cleric in Egypt

Takfiris brutally kill Muslim cleric in Egypt
Mon Jun 24, 2013 12:21:38

A group of Salafi radicals has attacked the home of a prominent Shia leader in Egypt, killing him brutally and three other people.

Hassan Shehata was killed along with three others during a ceremony on the birth anniversary of the 12th Shia Imam at his home on Sunday.

They were murdered by a gang of extremist Salafis who attacked the residence of the cleric in the town of Zawiyat Abu Muslim in Giza province on the outskirts of Cairo. Salafis also set fire to the house and beat up the people there.

The violent attack has drawn condemnations from different groups and figure.

Senior Egyptian opposition figure, Mohamed ElBaradei, has slammed the violence and called on the Egyptian authorities to act. He also earlier urged President Mohamed Morsi to resign ahead of mass anti-government

Last week, ElBaradei denounced the recent anti-Shia comments made at a pro-government conference in Cairo.

Addresing a rally of people who staged a sit-in protest outside the Egyptian ministry of culture, ElBaradei said a regime which insults the opposition and calls 150 million Shia Muslims ‘najis’ (unclean and impure) has no way but to relinquish power immediately.

The leader of the Addustour party said Egypt’s revolution has not ended yet and Egyptians will continue their revolutions to achieve their objectives.


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