ElBaradei blasts Egyptian govt.’s anti-Shia stance

Mon Jun 17, 2013 12:47:08

Egypt’s prominent opposition leader Mohamed ElBaradei has condemned the recent anti-Shia comments made at a pro-government conference in Cairo.

Addresing a rally of people who staged a sit-in protest outside the Egyptian ministry of culture, ElBaradei said a regime which insults the opposition and calls 150 million Shia Muslims ‘najis’ (unclean and impure) has no way but to relinquish power immediately.

The leader of the Addustour party said Egypt’s revolution has not ended yet and Egyptians will continue their revolutions to achieve their objectives.

His comments come a day after Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi severed the country’s relations with Syria over the conflict in the country.

Morsi also called for foreign support for insurgents in the country.

In addition, Morsi called on Western states to enforce a no-fly zone over Syria.

Elsewhere in his remarks, Morsi urged the Lebanese resistance movement Hezbollah to withdraw from Syria. "Hezbollah must leave Syria -- these are serious words. There is no space or place for Hezbollah in Syria."

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