Al-Nusra terrorists execute civilians in Syria

Al-Nusra terrorists execute civilians in Syria
Fri May 17, 2013 17:43:06

Syrian terrorists affiliated to al-Nusra Front have executed three people al-Riqqa field in Syria accusing them of supporting the Syrian government.

A video published on the internet showed a masked terrorists reading a statement in the name of “the Islamic state of Iraq and Levant” before executing the men.

Meanwhile, another video distributed by the Britain-based “Syrian Observatory for Human Rights” showed terrorists in the east of the country executing civilians because they supported the Syrian government.

The watchdog did not specify when the footage was shot, but the men killed by Al-Nusra Front were accused of supporting the Syrian government.

The online video showed a masked man reading out a statement. At least nine blindfolded men were kneeling in front of him, facing the camera, with two black flags behind them.

“Al-Nusra Front's Sharia court in the eastern area of Deir Ezzor (near the Iraqi border) has sentenced these apostate soldiers to death, because of their massacres against our people in Syria," the unidentified terrorist said in the video.

The man then took a pistol and shot the prisoners, one by one.

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