“Political change in Saudi Arabia, inevitable”

“Political change in Saudi Arabia, inevitable”
Sun Apr 28, 2013 18:13:32

A Saudi political activist has referred to the Saudi regime’s inability to confront growing protests, stressing that political changes in the county are inevitable.

In an exclusive interview with al-Alam News Channel on Sunday, Ali al-Ahmad said, “Sooner or later, a great revolution will begin in Saudi Arabia; Growing demonstrations and continuation of detentions and suppression of people will yield significant political changes.”


He pointed out to the inability of the ruling regime in Saudi Arabia to stop growing protests, adding, “I believe that if wide-spread demonstrations are held all over Saudi Arabia consecutively, for example for 10 days in a row, the ruling regime will fall.”


Al-Ahmad referred to the trial of Abdulkareem Yousef al-Kheder, a professor in al-Qassim university and a board member of the Saudi Civil and Political Rights Association (ACPRA), stating that “al-Kheder should not be tried. Rather, he must be prized as he is one the most prominent experts in applied jurisprudence.”


The Saudi political activist went on to say that “al-Kheder and people like him have new visions which differ with those of the ruling regime. These people demand that incomes from national sources be distributed equally and that people participate in power. This is why the ruling regime considers them dangerous to its existence.”


“Al-Kheder wants justice to be established in Saudi Arabia and he is against the present policies, because they are in contrary with Islamic teachings. In other words, the ruling regime measures are un-Islamic,” he added.

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