New power struggles emerging in Saudi

New power struggles emerging in Saudi
Mon Apr 22, 2013 20:59:50

Recent changes, removals and appointments in Al Saud family hints new power conflict in the royal family that would not benefit Saudi people, a political analyst said.

In an interview with Al-Alam on Monday, executive Director and founder of the Center for Democracy and Human Rights in Saudi Arabia, Ali Alyami, said “People in Saudi are struggling for their legal rights while the royal family considers the country as its private property and does not recognize any right for the people”.


On Saturday, Saudi Arabia's king Abdullah removed deputy defense minister Khalid bin Sultan from his post, over his alleged dispute with the crown prince.


Khalid was hoping to become the successor to his father but his uncle, Salman bin Abdul-Aziz Al Saud, was appointed as the defense minister. It was said that tensions rose high after Salman who was expected to resign after being appointed as minister so that Khalid could rise to the post, refused to do so.


Alyami said conflicts among the royal family members was not a new issue but the conflict has been aggravated recently as the power is held by Al-Sadiri clan of the ruling family, which includes all brothers of King Fahd, such as prince Sultan and prince Nayef and prince Salman.


“Malik Abdullah wants to appoint those who respect him and obey his orders,” Alyami said adding that king Abdullah and prince Salman were both old and they wanted to give power to their relative ones.


He said Al Saud family did not have any respect for people’s legal rights and they “do not have any intentions for a change as they consider the country as their own property and ignore about people’s right over the country’s wealth”.

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