Iranian researchers to develop artificial heart

Iranian researchers to develop artificial heart
Sat Apr 27, 2013 16:57:31

Iranian scientists are working on an artificial heart project for the first time in the country, according to the head of the University of Mashhad Medical Sciences.

Dr. Mahmoud Shabestari described producing an artificial heart device as a key achievement for Iranian researchers, Mehr News Agency reported.

He added that “researchers at the University of Mashhad Medical Sciences have started building the device since last year.”

Shabestari predicted that it would take two years to accomplish the project.

He further noted that scientists at the university have designed and built several other productions over recent years to detect and treat different diseases.

Shabestari said the researchers are building nine new drugs, adding that “these drugs, which are mostly used for cancer, are currently imported to the country from abroad”.

He further said “Generically named Sina Doxosome, the first nano anti-cancer drug in Iran and the Middle East was first developed by the researchers of the University of Mashhad Medical Sciences and has been mass-produced for markets”.

Iranian scientists have taken long strides in different scientific fields in recent years, including producing different types of drug such as hi-tech drugs, radio-medicines, knowledge-based drugs, and nano-fibers needed for patients. The achievements are made at a time when the country is being pressured from outside with various kinds of sanctions.

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