VIDEO : Iraqis Struggle in Syria Refugee Camp

Sat Nov 19, 2016 14:42:50

Iraqi families who fled their country to neighbouring Syria are enduring freezing desert temperatures in makeshift camps.

Around 7,000 Iraqis are staying in the Al Hol refugee camp near the Iraqi border in northeastern Syria, according to the UN refugees agency, and another 1,500 are waiting to cross the border.

The refugees, many of whom have escaped the fighting in Mosul and elsewhere in north and northwestern Iraq, are complaining that it is increasingly cold in the camp.

Two men, one from Mosul and another from Ba'aj, said they needed to return home as soon as they could as conditions in the camp were difficult and that people were getting sick, AP Reports.

The UN said that the camp's current capacity was for 15,000 people but that it was being expanded to host up to 50,000.


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