ANTI-TRUMP VID: Protesters Pepper Sprayed in Portland on 4th Night of Nationwide Protest

Sun Nov 13, 2016 10:06:03

Violence continued as several thousand protesters marched through Portland, on the fourth night of nationwide rallies against President-elect Donald Trump. Footage shows police using pepper spray on protesters and journalists alike

Thousands of demonstrators filled public squares, parks and streets in the country’s three largest cities on Saturday to protest President-elect Donald J. Trump, part of a wave of dissent that has swelled since the presidential contest last week.

They were different people, the children of immigrants, and parents toting infants on their back. They were families, students, and men and women of all ages and races. Many carried cardboard signs “Show the world what the popular vote looks like,”.

As throngs marched through city streets, the participants joined in a cry of “Not my president!”


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