VIDEO: Thousands of Furious Protesters Turn out in Manhattan Anti-Trump Protest

Thu Nov 10, 2016 18:46:52

Thousands of protesters filled the streets of midtown Manhattan on Wednesday as they made their way to Trump Tower, Trump's gilded home on Fifth Avenue, blasting his controversial campaign rhetoric about immigrants, Muslims and other groups. Many demonstrators chanted "not my president" and "f...k your wall."

"Even though we can't really change anything and we have to accept what has happened, we want them to know that we're pissed. This is awful. And even though we can't change anything, it feels good to stand together with my brothers, my sisters, the people that share my beliefs and let everyone know that we are not ok with this," said Brandon, a protester from Maryland.

"He's the epitome of a system that's broken down into virtual reality where we're going on these false notions and premises and nobody knows what's real or why anymore and it's the painful underbelly that we need to wash away," added Layla, a protester from New York.

After Trump's stunning upset of the heavily favored Clinton, Democratic President Barack Obama and leading figures in the Republican Party who had struggled to make peace with Trump all vowed to move past the campaign ugliness, something the protesters in New York on Wednesday said they were not prepared to do.

"It's unfair what he's doing, I don't know how people could vote for a rapist, he's going to trial, he went to trial today, I don't know why people are voting for some like that. He's trash and he needs to leave. We need to impeach him," said a masked protester who identified herself as Scooby.

Another protester, Natasha Elena, said she was not a supporter of either candidate but decided to protest because of Trump's campaign rhetoric.

"I think it speaks to the disenfranchised people that someone like him could be seen as offering anything to the masses. I think Hillary is no savior either, she has an imperialist track record, I think she is a very dangerous candidate but I think Donald Trump's ability to mobilize perhaps latent racist thoughts is incredibly terrifying and it's urgent to be out here today," she said.

The New York protesters were not alone as thousands of demonstrators marched in cities across the United States on Wednesday.

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