Taliban Kills Two US Army Soldiers, Injures Two Others in Afghanistan

Taliban Kills Two US Army Soldiers, Injures Two Others in Afghanistan
Thu Nov 3, 2016 14:02:57

Two US soldiers have been killed and two others injured in operations against the Taliban militant group around the northern city of Kunduz in Afghanistan, according to an American military statement.

"The service members came under fire (on Thursday) during a train, advise and assist mission with our Afghan partners to clear a Taliban position and disrupt the group's operations in Kunduz district," the statement said.

The US military statement did not provide further details on the identity of the troops or what units they served with.

"On behalf of all of US Forces - Afghanistan, today's loss is heartbreaking and we offer our deepest condolences to the families and friends of our service members who lost their lives today," said John Nicholson, the top US and NATO commander in Afghanistan.

"Despite today's tragic event, we are steadfast in our commitment to help our Afghan partners defend their nation,” he added.

The killings come just days before the US presidential election between Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump and Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton, who supports America's longest war in the Asian country, Press TV reported.


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