VIDEO: Taliban Terrorists Enter Northern Afghan City of Kunduz

Mon Oct 3, 2016 14:46:31

Afghan forces got ready to defend Kunduz on Monday (October 3) after Taliban Terrorists attacked the northern Afghan city overnight, entering urban areas and threatening a repeat of the assault in which they seized the city exactly a year ago.

Sheer Ali Kamawal, commander of the 808 Tandar police zone in Kunduz, said the attack began at around midnight (1930 GMT Sunday) and fighting was going on in and around the city.

Some Taliban Terrorists had entrenched themselves in homes.

The Terrorists appear to have slipped through a defensive security line set up around Kunduz, entering the city itself before clashes broke out, witnesses in the city said,Reuters reports.

"We are not satisfied about the current situation in Kunduz because there is fighting and killing everyday. We are tired of this situation.

Do these people have the right to live peacefully or not?" member of Kunduz Provincial Council Amruddin Wali, said.

In Kabul, Brigadier General Charles Cleveland, spokesman for Afghanistan NATO-led force, said he was aware of reports of sporadic fighting in Kunduz but said he had not seen evidence of a major Taliban offensive.

Security forces were seen preparing to drive out the Terrorists, who had infiltrated the Khak Kani area in the city's southwest.

The interior ministry said reinforcements were being sent.

Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid said in his official Twitter account four government checkpoints in Kunduz had been captured and some soldiers had been killed.

The attack came as the Taliban have stepped up attacks in different parts of Afghanistan, including the southern province of Helmand, where they have been threatening the provincial capital of Lashkar Gah.

The fall of Kunduz last year was one of the most serious blows suffered by the government in Kabul since end of 2014.

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