Iraqi Army Are Now 20 Miles from ISIS Stronghold City of Mosul’s Center

Fri Oct 28, 2016 11:40:45

Iraqi forces pushed Daesh terrorist out of a small town south of Mosul and are now 20 miles from the city center.

Maj Gen Najim Al Jabori said yesterday that Iraqi army forces retook the town of “Staff Al Tut” in the Tigris River valley the day before.

He says local tribal and militia forces have been deployed to protect the gains while his troops regroup for their next push toward Iraq's second largest city.

Iraqi Special Forces dug in east of Mosul say they are awaiting further progress on the southern front before pressing forward.

They have pushed to within five miles of the city.

Residents of Fadiliya celebrated their emancipation from Daesh today, some of them with Peshmerga fighters who are also their family members.

Military sources have declared Bashiqa captured, but troops have yet to enter the city due to booby traps.

Hamza and Wadi Qassab were reported freed. Saf al-Tuth was also liberated. Other villages include Khazna Tepe, Muwafaqiya, Tarab Zawh, and Tehrawiya.


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