VIDEO: Russian jets Target Jaysh Al Fateh in Aleppo in 25 Airstrikes Today

Sat Oct 8, 2016 12:08:15

Russian Air Force has been very active today in the southern Aleppo districts, targeting Jaysh Al-Fateh terror group around Sheikh Saeed and the 1070 Al Hamdaniyah Housing Project.

According to report from Hama Military Airport, the Russian Air Force conducted over 25 airstrikes today, hitting several targets inside southern Aleppo, including a weapons depot inside the Sheikh Saeed District.

The main objective of these airstrikes is to weaken the terrrorists defenses before the Syrian Armed Forces and their allies storm the Sheikh Saeed District once again.

Yesterday, the Syrian Armed Forces and their allies managed to capture the strategic hilltop of Tal Sheikh Saeed.

The Russian Air Force is attempting to weaken Jaysh Al-Fateh's resolve at the eastern neighborhoods of Sheikh Saeed, so that they can finally capture this key district in southern Aleppo.


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