How ISIS Release Kirkuk’s People?

How ISIS Release Kirkuk’s People?
Sat Oct 8, 2016 09:46:05

ISIS terrorists in southwest parts of Kirkuk province allowed Friday families to flee areas under their control in return for tributes paid in US dollars.

Al-Sumaria News reported that the terrorist group takes 200 US dollars from each person wants to leave areas under its control.

The news website explained that the terrorist group is taking advantage of hundreds of families’ desire to flee areas in its grip in the province as it is no longer able to pay the salaries of its members.

According to Al-Sumaria News, ISIS (ISIL , IS, Daesh) is suffering from a financial crisis after the demise of its financial resources that used to yield millions of dollars.

ISIS financial resources were mainly oil fields and banks particularly in the province of Nineveh as well as in other cities it occupied since June 2014.

The Iraqi website revealed that members belong to the terrorist group in areas in southwest Kirkuk have not been paid for the past five months.

ISIS militants in southern and western areas of Kirkuk have been strongly struck by Peshmerga forces and the US-led coalition.

The province located 250 kilometers north of Baghdad witness continuous violence while security agencies constantly announce arresting terrorists and leaders belong to ISIS.


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