Fierce Clashes Erupted between SDF Forces, ISIS Militants in Syria’s Aleppo

Fierce Clashes Erupted between SDF Forces, ISIS Militants in Syria’s Aleppo
Thu Sep 29, 2016 13:42:47

Clashes broke out on Wednesday between SDF Forces and ISIS Militants in Aleppo Province.

The northeastern countryside of Aleppo, also known as Shahba region, witnessed fierce clashes between SDF forces and ISIS militants.

The clashes centered near the towns of Umm Hosh and Qura, where a number of casualties were reported on both sides on Wednesday evening.

Heavy fighting broke out in Shahba after ISIS militants launched two car bomb attacks on SDF positions, before bombarding the area with mortar shells.

“ISIS started the attack by carrying out two car bomb attacks near our checkpoints in Umm Qura and Umm Hosh,” SDF spokesman Ahmed Sultan said, adding that six of their fighters were killed in the attack.

“The group then launched at least seven mortar shells on the SDF headquarters in the area,” he said.

The official added that the SDF forces responded by bombing ISIS positions in the villages of Wahshiya, Hesasik and Tel Maled with heavy artillery. At least 16 ISIS militants were killed.

Also on Wednesday, clashes erupted between SDF forces and ISIS militants in the vicinity of Harbal town, north of Aleppo.

“Two ISIS vehicles were destroyed and eight militants were killed in the clashes near Harbal. Also, three SDF fighters lost their lives in the clashes,” local media activist Alwan al-Halabi said.

In the meantime, warplanes of the US-led coalition conducted at least three airstrikes on ISIS fighting positions in Aleppo countryside.

“The airstrikes forced ISIS militants to withdraw from the clashes’ area,” al-Halabi reported.

The SDF spokesman Ahmed Sultan confirmed that the clashes stopped in the midnight on Wednesday, ARA News reported.


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