STILLS: China Air Force Flies over 40 Jets over Miyako Strait to Test Combat Ability

Sun Sep 25, 2016 15:55:37

China sent more than 40 warplanes to fly over the Miyako Strait, West Pacific, to test its combat ability and carry out regular patrol in the Air Defense Identification Zone (ADIZ) over the East China Sea, said spokesperson of the People's Liberation Army Air Force on Sunday.

Shen Jinke, the spokesperson, said the Air Force dispatched more than 40 warplanes of various types to the West Pacific, to test its open sea combat ability and to patrol the ADIZ over the East China Sea.

He said the move comes from the need of safeguarding state sovereignty and national security, and safeguarding peaceful development.

Shen said this open sea exercise involves H-6K bombers, Su-30 fighters, air tankers and other types of warplanes.

Those military aircraft conducted scouting, sudden attack and air refueling tasks.

In the three years since the establishment of ADIZ, Chinese Air Force has done regular patrols over the region, in accordance with the Announcement of the Aircraft Identification Rules for the East China Sea Air Defense Identification Zone of the People's Republic of China.

The Air Force has monitored all the foreign military aircraft which enter the ADIZ and responded with relevant measures according to different types of air threat.

The spokesman said the Air Force will continue to patrol in the ADIZ over the East China Sea to defend China's lawful rights and interests. Shen said during the strategic transformation period, China's Air Force will continue as always to strengthen drills of real-battle feature and to enhance its ability to safeguard state air security.

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