EXCITING VIDEO: Watch China, Russia Fighter Jets Drills over South China Sea

Sun Sep 18, 2016 22:24:14

Chinese and Russian military forces conducted a joint island landing drill on Sunday as the Joint Sea 2016 drill entered the fourth day in the on-sea-operation phase.

The soldiers were divided into two groups no matter which country they are from -red as attacking force and blue as defensing force.

The red force gathered at the designated waters at 08:00 on Sunday morning.

Several fighter jets then took off and performed simulated bombing of the target island.

Upon the arrival of two landing ships from the joint force, over 60 soldiers left the ships and headed for the beachhead on speedboats; meanwhile, several amphibious armored vehicles went into the sea and fired at the blue force on the island.

The units successfully reached the beachhead at 09:00 on Sunday morning, took vantage positions and opened a corridor at the beach for other units.

Over 10 commandos then descended from two helicopters to an area between two highlands on the island.

Frogman unit hiding in the rocks in the southern part of the island also launched assault from the rear and completed encirclement of the enemy's headquarter.

A secret bunker of the blue force suddenly started to shoot at the red force.

The red force immediately called for backup and soon destroyed the bunker with artillery.

The joint assault team quickly went into the woods in mountainous areas and pushed forward.

The red force successfully broke through the last line of defense and took the island dozens of minutes later.

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