VIDEO: Wall to Be Built along Jungle Refugee Camps Exacerbates Refugee Crisis

Fri Sep 23, 2016 14:40:26

The concrete barrier to be constructed to keep migrants and refugees from entering the United Kingdom has made some migrants put their lives at risk to leave the refugee camp in Calais, northern France.

The area of the refugee camp, less than five kilometers away from the French port of Calais, has been halved after the French government tore down the southern part of the camp early this year.

However, according to the French police, the number of refugees in the camp has increased to 10,000.

Most of the refugees there dream to enter the UK via the Channel Tunnel, but there might be little chance since the UK announced it will build a concrete wall to stop migrants from reaching the road that lead to the French port of Calais.

The wall will be four meters in height, 1.6 kilometers in length.

In addition, the French government has sent 1,900 police officers to guard the road.

With high wall and more police, some refugees choose to give up their dream; however, more of them choose to risk their lives by trying to stop traffic to get a chance to jump on board trucks and enter the UK.

Afghan refugee Hasan told a story about a 15-year-old boy who was killed in a car accident. The Afghan boy, who had lived alone in the camp for half a year, was to unite with his family in the UK. He should have earned a legal status to enter the UK, but it takes too long to complete the formalities and he was unwilling to wait.

“They cannot stay in France, they cannot go back to their own country, because they have problems. They want to go [to] England. They don't have a solution. If they have solution, no one can put his life under risk”; said Hasan.

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