Another Terrorists’ Top Commander Killed by Syrian Army in Hama

Another Terrorists’ Top Commander Killed by Syrian Army in Hama
Sun Sep 4, 2016 15:17:33

Several members of Fajr al-Sham terrorist group, including one of its notorious commanders, were killed in battle with Syrian government forces in Northern Hama.

Nayef al-Jar Abu Ahmad was killed in a battle with Syrian Army troops in Northern territories of Hama near Taybat al-Imam and Ma’ardes.

Meantime on Saturday, the Syrian Army troops and their popular allies launched their offensives on terrorists' positions in the town of Taybat al-Imam from three flanks.

"The Syrian pro-government forces launched their attacks on terrorist groups from different Ma'ardes, Qamhaneh and Khirbet al-Hajameh and Khattab towards Tayab al-Imam," the Lebanese al-Akhbar reported.

"Attacks on Tayab al-Imam will end in closure of supply line between terrorists in Souran and Helfaya and will give overlooking positions to Syrian army over the village of Albu Yedheh, whose seizure by the Syrian army will ruin terrorists' plan to make a safe line from northeastern Hama to Northwester Hama," the paper added.

"Popular forces in al-Mahradeh have started their attacks on terrorist centers in Helfaya to prevent any possible counter-attack," the paper said, adding, "The Syrian Army's artillery units have planed very crucial role in Northern Hama's operation," FNA reported.


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