Syrian Army Kills Top Terrorist Commander in Daraa Province

Syrian Army Kills Top Terrorist Commander in Daraa Province
Sun Sep 4, 2016 13:10:07

A notorious commander of al-Omari brigade was killed in Syrian Army troops’ offensive on the terrorist group’s stronghold in Northern Daraa.

Ramadan al-Sabta alongside nine of his comrades were killed in a battle with Syrian army men in al-Lajat on a road connecting al-Shomarah to al-Shyah.

Also on Saturday, Syrian Army troops and National Defense Forces beat back terrorists from their positions near a chunk of the old highway of Daraa to Damascus and restored more security to the road and the region.

Syrian government forces, after hours of fierce clashes, captured an area as large as 10 square kilometers along the highway in the town of Ibtta in Northern Daraa.

Terrorist groups left behind tens of dead and wounded members and pulled the remaining pockets of forces back from the battlefield, FNA reported.


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