Four More Terrorist-Held Towns Join Peace Talks in Damascus Province

Four More Terrorist-Held Towns Join Peace Talks in Damascus Province
Sat Sep 3, 2016 12:59:33

Ala Monir the Governor-General of Damascus province has said that four other towns including al-Tal, Elhameh, Qodsiya and Wadi Bardi have joined peace agreement."

"Successful performance of the Syrian government and army men in Darayya have encouraged the towns of al-Tal, Elhameh, Qodsiya and Wadi Bardi to join peace agreement," Monir said.

"Syrian-Syrian agreement has accelerated reconciliation trend in the province, in the meantime, good behavior of the Syrian soldiers and officials with people in Darayya caused civilians in Mo'adhamiyeh to accept courageously engagement in peace with government," Monir added.

"A government committee will pay a visit to Darayya in the next few days to collect information about the requirements of civilians there to start rebuilding of the city," he further said.  

Sources said on Thursday that the militant groups' agreement to surrender Darayya city after negotiations with a Syrian government delegation was a success for continued peace talks in other parts of Damascus,

"The number of agreements between the government and terrorists in Damascus province is on the rise and the train of peace talks will possibly reach al- Mo'adhamiyeh sooner than other regions," the source who is a member of the government negotiating delegation said.

Mo'adhamiyeh is hosting 35,000 people who will remain in the region and merely 100 militants who don’t intend to surrender their weapons are due leave the region towards Idlib; FNA reported.


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