Turkish Army Sends More Tanks to Northern Syria

Turkish Army Sends More Tanks to Northern Syria
Thu Sep 1, 2016 11:19:37

The Turkish military sent more tanks and armored vehicles to support the Ankara-backed militants at Jarabulus in Northern Syria.

The Turkish military sent eight more tanks and armored vehicles to assist its 'Euphrates Shield' military operation in Northern Syria.

A Sputnik correspondent in Jarabulus reported that the Turkish tanks and armored vehicles were sent from the village of Soylu in Southern Turkey, and arrived at Jarabulus via the border checkpoint at Karkamis.

Turkey declared on August 24 that the Turkish Army has launched 'Euphrates Shield' military operation in Syria, as Ankara claims that it has begun to cleanse the ISIL terrorists from its border with the Arab country.

But, despite Ankara's allegation, Turkish military forces support militant groups in Northern Syria, and fight against Kurdish forces in the region.

Co-President of Syria Democratic Council (MSD) Ilham Ahmad announced that 50 Turkish tanks have been stationed in Jarabulus city in Northern Aleppo province and are being supported by Turkish air force.

Ahmad said that the Turkish fighter jets' attacks have killed tens of civilians, including the children, women and the elderly.

Earlier reports provided by CNN Turk broadcaster said about 200 service personnel from armored forces and 150 special forces troops were involved in the military operation in Syria. At least 13 Turkish F-16 fighters, two rescue aircraft, one tanker aircraft and a plane equipped with airborne warning and control systems (AWACS) provided air support for the Turkish military.

Meanwhile, Turkey's General Staff said in a statement the Free Syrian Army (FSA) and its affiliated terrorist groups, backed up by the Turkish army, air forces and artillery units, have been significantly advancing in Northern Aleppo in recent days.

"Over 10 villages and a total area of 400 square kilometers in Northern Syria have been captured by FSA and other militants since the start of the Turkish military operations known as 'Euphrates Shield' in Jarabulus region," the statement said.

Damascus has condemned Ankara's military operation and entry of Turkish special forces and tanks into Syria while Moscow has expressed deeply concern about what is happening in the Syrian-Turkish border area, FNA reported.


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