Syrian Army Destroys Terrorists' Command Centers & Monitoring Centers in Dara'a

Syrian Army Destroys Terrorists' Command Centers & Monitoring Centers in Dara'a
Fri Sep 2, 2016 07:07:57

Units of Syrian army have destroyed Terrorists’ command center, a fortified position and a monitoring center in Dara'a al-Balad area in Dara'a city; killing all the terrorists in there.

The concentrated attack killed and injured dozens of militants and blew up their military equipment and weapons.

Also, another army unit smashed the terrorists' mortar-launching position in al Nueimeh town in the Eastern parts of Dara'a, killing all the terrorists in there.

On Wednesday, the Syrian army troops had also struck terrorists’ concentration centers and gatherings in the Central districts of Dara’a city, inflicting major losses and death toll on the terrorists.

Syrian military forces hit terrorists’ centers hard in Dara’a al Mahatta, killing or wounding several of them.

In the meantime, another army unit targeted a gathering and armored vehicles of terrorist groups in al-Jizeh town in Eastern Dara’a, destroying a number of their vehicles and a mortar launching pad.

Also on Tuesday, Syrian military forces stormed the terrorist groups' sites in the Southern districts of Dara'a city, inflicting major damage on the militants' command center.

Several terrorists were killed and their command center was destroyed in the Syrian soldiers' attacks on their positions in Dara'a al-Balad.

In the meantime, terrorists' artilleries were also targeted in Dara'a al-Balad; FNA reported.


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