Jeish Al-Fatah's Defense Lines Pounded by Russian-Syrian Air Forces in Hama

Jeish Al-Fatah's Defense Lines Pounded by Russian-Syrian Air Forces in Hama
Sun Aug 21, 2016 15:00:55

Russian and Syrian fighter jets launched several rounds of combat flights over Jeish al-Fatah's concentration centers and gatherings in al-Ghaab plain in Northwestern Hama, pinning the militants down behind their strongholds.

The Russian and Syrian warplanes hit Jeish al-Fatah's centers near the villages of Ma'arkabeh, al-Latamina, Kafr Zita and Lahaya, killing and wounding scores of terrorists and destroying at least six vehicles of them.

A general of the Syrian air force said Saturday that Syrian Air Force used advanced Sukhoi fighter jets made by the Russian military industry to target terrorists' positions.

"The Syrian Air Force used Sukhoi 24 M-2 in its recent operations to target Jeish al-Fatah's strongholds and gathering centers in the Southern districts of Aleppo city in August 6 and 7," General Hassan Hassan said.

"Sukhoi 24 M-2 have been also used in targeted terrorists' armored vehicles and command centers in Aleppo, Idlib and Hama provinces," he added, FNA reported.


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