Syrian Army Keeps Advancing against Ajnad Al-Sham Terrorists in Damascus

Syrian Army Keeps Advancing against Ajnad Al-Sham Terrorists in Damascus
Fri Aug 19, 2016 14:16:21

Syrian Army troops made more strategic advances against Ajnad al-Sham terrorists in the key town of Darayya in Wester Ghouta, capturing several sites.

Syrian Soldiers and National Defense Forces seized the Darayya Railway Crossing after hours of non-stop battle with the terrorists and then captured more sites in a Christian district.

As a result of this latest advance by the Syrian Armed Forces, Ajnad al-Sham issued a cry for help to their allies in Western Ghouta; however, they have been completely cutoff from any supply route.

Also on Thursday, the Syrian Army and popular forces took back more districts from the militant groups in the Southwestern parts of Darayya, and prepared for taking back the railway station.

"After clashes with the terrorist groups, the Syrian army further advanced in the Southwestern parts of Darayya city in Western Ghouta of Damascus and retook control of a number of residential areas near Nour al-Din Shahid mosque towards North in an area 450m in length and 200m in width," a field source said.

"The army has now reached regions near the railway station," the source added, FNA reported.


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