VIDEO: Heavy Clashes in Aleppo after Syrian Massive Offensive on Jaish Al Fath

Mon Aug 15, 2016 12:54:47

In the Syrian allied forces massive attacks on the terrorists West and Western countryside of the Aleppo from several directions backed by the Russian air force scores of terrorists killed and injured and heavy clashes are underway.

Syrian Army Advances from al-Jabs and Project 1070 directions led to al-Jamiyat and al-Mahrouqat hilltops where heavy clashes are underway.The army's artillery units also pounded the terrorists' gathering centers on the Western side of Aleppo city.

Also Syrian army has seized back 25 residential complexes of Project 1070 in Southwestern Aleppo.

The sources in Syrian Army told FNA that heavy clashes are underway between the Syrian army and terrorists in al-Senobarat, al-Maqla and Um al-Qara to the South and Southwestern Aleppo.

The Syrian army's fresh operations resumed after reinforcement forces sent from al-Maliha and Jabal Azan joined the army's units in the Southern and Western countryside of Aleppo.

Yesterday Syrian forces completed their siege of the military academy buildings and cut the Jeish al-Fatah terrorists' arms and ammunition supply line in Southwestern Aleppo.


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