EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Iraqi Forces Advance against Daesh in 4 Fronts of Mosul

Mon Aug 15, 2016 09:33:29

The Kurdish Peshmerga and Iraqi Security forces continuing to advance in an offensive launched early Sunday morning from the Khazir and Makhmour areas , they recaptured 7 villages from Daesh, some 40 kilometres south-east of the IS stronghold of Mosul.

One Day Later Iraqi security forces had taken four villages in the Qayyara area south of Mosul from the militants.

Mosul, Iraq's second-largest city, was seized by Daesh in a mid-2014 offensive that saw it overrun swathes of Sunni Arab-populated western and northern Iraq.

In July government forces captured the Qayyara airbase from Daesh. The government say it will be a key staging point for a planned attack on Mosul.

According to Head of Nineveh Provincial Council Bashar al-Kiki, Peshmerga forces have liberated seven villages in Khazer and Gwer, east of Mosul, and added that the security forces have advanced into 10 kilometers in the areas previously held by ISIS.

In Peshmerga advances to Gwer- Makhmur,  Al Khazer, Tel Hameed, Karkasha, Abzakh, Suteih, Qashqala and Qaryytakh liberated from Islamic State terrorist also known as ISIS, ISIL, IS and Daesh.

The operation is still going on to liberate other areas.


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