Fath Al-Sham Commander of Aleppo Suicide Attacks Killed in Syrian Army Offensive

Fath Al-Sham Commander of Aleppo Suicide Attacks Killed in Syrian Army Offensive
Sun Aug 14, 2016 21:41:58

The Syrian army killed commander of a terrorist group in charge of conducting suicide attacks in the city of Aleppo on Sunday.

Abu al-Mosana, suicide attacks commander of Fath al-Sham Front (the newly formed al-Qaeda-affiliated terrorist group previously known as the al-Nusra Front), was killed in the Syrian army attack Southwest of Aleppo province.

Several other terrorists who accompanied Abu al-Mosana were also killed in the attack.

Meantime, the Syrian army killed 8 terrorists of Lawa al-Fatehin terrorist group affiliated to Faylaq al-Sham in the Western part of the city of Aleppo.

In a relevant development on Sunday, the Syrian army soldiers and their popular allies completed their siege of the military academy buildings and cut the Jeish al-Fatah terrorists' arms and ammunition supply line in Southwestern Aleppo, battlefield sources said.

"Jeish al-Fatah terrorists have been trapped in military academy buildings with no way out. Over 15 military vehicles of Jeish al-Fatah have been thus far targeted in airstrikes and artillery shelling," the sources said.

"In the meantime, fierce clashes are underway between the Syrian army and terrorists across al-Hikmah school in Southeastern part of Aleppo to cement factory to Southwestern districts of Aleppo close to al-Ramousiyeh, military academy buildings and 1070 project," the sources said.

"The Army has taken back four building in military academy," the sources said, adding, "35 members of Jeish al-Fatah have thus far been killed in Army's traps in a region between 1070 project and al-Hikmah school."

Reports said earlier today that the Syrian Army troops and their popular allies have been fortifying their strongholds in Northwestern Aleppo city and are ready to fend off any possible attack by the newly-arrived terrorists in the region.

"Tens of fresh terrorists, who left their bases in Dar al-Izah and Ein Jareh, have arrived in the Northern and Northwestern countryside of Aleppo to participate in large-scale offensives on the government forces' positions in al-Lairamoun, Zahra Abd Rabeh and Ahrash al-Lairamoun," the sources said.

"The Syrian government forces, for their part, have reinvigorated their defense abilities in the Northern and Northwestern districts of Aleppo to repulse any possible offensive there," the sources added.

In the meantime, the Syrian government forces, backed up by the Syrian fighter jets, have been beating terrorists of Jeish al-Fatah back from more positions in Southern and Southwestern districts of Aleppo city, including in al-Ramousiyeh, 1070 project, old Aleppo and al-Hamdaniyeh, FNA reported.

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