VIDEO: Dramatic Footage Shows Woman Rescued from Submerged Car

Sun Aug 14, 2016 13:14:59

Dramatic video has emerged from flood-hit Baton Rouge in Louisiana showing a woman and her dog being rescued from a car as floodwaters swallowed the vehicle.

Shot by local television station WAFB on Saturday, the video shows three men on a small boat approaching a convertible that is almost submerged in the brown water.

A woman, who was not immediately visible, could be heard yelling from inside the car "Oh my god, I'm drowning".

One of the rescuers, later identified as David Phung, then jumped into the water and pulled the woman from the car.

The rescued woman then pleads with Phung to get her dog, but initially he couldn't find it. After several seconds, Phung took a deep breath, dove underwater and resurfaced with a small dog in his arms.

Phung told the television station that it was lucky the dog was still conscious.

Both the woman and dog appeared to be OK.

Local authorities in Louisiana said on Saturday that another person had died in the dangerous floods, raising the death toll to three.

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