VIDEO: 61 Died, 14 Missing in China Massive Floods

Mon Jul 4, 2016 18:10:39

At least 61 people have died and 14 others are missing in several rainfall affected areas in southern China, according to the country's state media Xinhua.

Heavy rains have been battering east China's Anhui Province since the start of July, causing serious flooding and affecting tens of thousands of people. The water level of the Qiupu River in Shitai County began rising at a speed of 60 centimeters per hour on Sunday morning and was 5.3 meters above the warning line at 17:00 later the same day, causing severe flooding.

In central Hubei Province, torrential rain has left 34 people dead and 11 others missing. While in the eastern Anhui Province, 27 people have died and another three went missing, Xinhua said citing local authorities.

Xinhua reported over 17 million people have been affected by the rain in Anhui and Hubei, with 974,000 people relocated.

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