VIDEO: Chinese Tank Biathlon Team Qualifies for Semi-Finals at Russia Army Games

Mon Aug 8, 2016 16:56:40

The tank biathlon team of the Chinese People's Liberation Army qualified for semi-finals in the tank biathlon competition on Sunday at the 2016 International Army Games in Russia.

A last Chinese tank competed with the tanks from Iran and Zimbabwe in the last competition.

Chinese No. 109 tank surpassed the tank from Zimbabwe at first, and later its main artillery completed shooting.

After that, the Chinese tank started to chase an Iranian tank which set off two minutes before hand. In the second round, Chinese tank followed the Iranian tank closely, and the two tanks almost entered the trench at the same time.

The Chinese tank later started to speed up in the trench and surpassed the Iranian tank.

“At first I surpassed the Iranian tank, but it surpassed me later. Then I encouraged myself and said to myself that I must surpass it again,” said Zhao Zhi, a tank operator from 109 team.

The Chinese team sent the improved 96A type tanks for this year's competition.

Zhao Zhi pressed the accelerator of the tank to the limit and finally reached the finishing point with 21 minutes and 32 seconds, with seven minutes and 33 seconds quicker than the Iranian tank.

Many Chinese tourists also came to watch the game. “The Chinese team is great. We are proud of them, and we're proud as Chinese,” said Shi Yajie, a tourist from Beijing.

“It's an excellent team. It runs so fast, and I like it very much. Your tanks are beautiful,” said a resident of Moscow.

A total of 54 teams from 17 countries took part in this year's tank biathlon competition.

The Chinese team won the first place in the single vehicle competition, with Russia and Kazakhstan taking the second and the third places.

The competition is part of the International Army Games 2016 held in Russia and Kazakhstan scheduled for July 30 to August 13.

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