VIDEO& PICS : A TANK Like Swiss Army Knife and Hollywood Action Films

Fri Feb 12, 2016 09:48:30

Capable of clearing mines, digging trenches and causing wanton destruction in its wake, the British Army's new battle tank looks like the stuff of Hollywood action films.

Designed by British defence and aerospace firm BAE Systems, the aptly named Terrier has been designed to meet the challenges of modern warfare on and off the battlefield. In fact, the tank is so versatile it has been described as the 'Swi.

Out on the battlefield, it can probe for suspected buried explosive devices and split solid concrete with a rock hammer that stretches more than 26ft away from its body using a telescopic arm.

In addition to being manned, for situations deemed too-dangerous for a crew, the 32-tonne machine can be operated by remote control from up to a kilometre away.




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