Breathtaking VIDEO: Russian Kid Miraculously Saved from Certain Death

Thu Aug 4, 2016 14:56:56

Two Russian railroad security officers snatched a young child from an almost certain death, pulling the minor away from an oncoming train as the toddler walked unaccompanied on rail tracks. Their heroic leap to save the child was captured on CCTV.

Footage of the incident which happened on Saturday in Russia’s southern Krasnodar region near Ashe train station shows a young child walking along tracks without any supervision. The child appears to freeze after seeing an oncoming cargo train traveling along the line.

Staring death in the face and unable to move, the child is then suddenly swooped off his feet, by one of the two rescuers from the railroad security, that by a small chance of fate departed to patrol their segment just a few minutes earlier than usual.

Speaking to Russian tabloid LifeNews one of the rescuers, Arseny Ghazarian, explained that the incident happened near a popular camp site, which constantly sees vacationers crossing the rail tracks illegally.

He explained that on Saturday, he and his partner went on patrol at 4:56pm local time, before noticing a child a minute later.

“We went on the route, saw a child, ran, and barely made it,” 57-year-old Ghazarian explained. “The most important thing is that the child's life was saved.”

“Can you imagine, no mother, no father, no one was there,” Ghazarian continued. “I ran so fast as never before in my life.”

As he tried to cover the distance of “some 130 meters” he and his partner also signaled the train to stop. The train slammed on its brakes and began honking, making the child scared and unable to move.

Dashing with all his might, Ghazarian fell about 20 meters away from the child, but the adrenaline rush forced the security guard to continue his strive to save the toddler, whom he managed to grab just as about the train came to a stop at the spot where the youngster stood.

“I cursed myself, when I fell – because of me, old fool, a child could have died,” Ghazarian said.

He explained that after some time the child's “drunken” mother appeared and took the toddler, who had suffered no injuries after the miraculous escape, RT reported.


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