SHOCKING VIDEO: Moment Bus Torched by Group of Men in Paris

Thu Aug 4, 2016 13:02:53

Footage has surfaced showing a group of young men setting a bus alight with Molotov cocktails after blocking its way with makeshift barricade in Paris.

The footage, which started to spread on social media on Wednesday, shows the attack that occurred in the Paris suburb of Saint-Denis last week.

A group of young men is seen rolling trash containers to the midst of the road in front of an approaching bus to “set up a trap to force the bus to stop,” police said, as cited by L’Express.

After bringing the vehicle to a halt, the assailants forced the driver and five passengers out. The men then start kicking the bus and smashing its windows, before finally throwing Molotov cocktails at the vehicle, causing an explosion and a massive fire. Three water cannons were dispatched to the scene to tackle the blaze. No one was injured in the incident.

“This act of premeditated vandalism, the consequences of which have been tragic, follows an attempted homicide on a worker by a Molotov cocktail on July 22 and buildings being looted,” Saint-Denis mayor Didier Paillard told Le Parisien.

Police have launched investigation into the incident, but the motives behind the attack remain unknown, RT reported.


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