PICS Not Seen Before: Erdogan Wife, £139 Million Fortune of 3 Palaces

PICS Not Seen Before: Erdogan Wife, £139 Million Fortune of 3 Palaces
Thu Jul 21, 2016 14:32:26

She claims to live a 'humble and modest' life with strict Muslim values, whiling away the hours in palace kitchen fermenting apples and turning them into vinegar.

But while her husband President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has amassed a £139million fortune with at least three palaces across Turkey, his 'shopaholic' wife Emine likes nothing more than spending money.

Emine Erdogan's jet-set lifestyle is a whirlwind of one shopping trip after another where her particular passions are designer clothes and expensive antiques.

As a quarter of her country live in extreme poverty and almost two million live on just £3 a day, the president's wife boasts she drinks specialist white tea at £1,500 a kilo… and drinks it from gold leaf glasses worth £250 each, Daily Mail reported.



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