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VID: Miracle in Turkey Coup: Man Survived After 2 Tanks Run over Him

Wed Jul 20, 2016 13:09:12

A 34 years old Sabri Onal in the beginning of the Turkey Coup could not escaped from Tanks and two coup soldiers tank cross over him and he miraculously survived the ordeal.

Sabri Onal say to Turkey Paper of Hurriyyat that in the middle of the street saw the tank coming toward him. He couldn’t escaped but tried that show himself to tank driver to stop the tank but tank keep going.

He forced to lie under tank but his leg injured. When hewas under tank, tank driver found something happened but after a pause, derived the tank.

It was not the end of story. He saw that another tank coming to him. Again he tried to escape from second tank but he experienced same result.

After second tank run over him he was very fortunate that cars didn’t crush him. People who saw the accident rush to him and took him to hospital.

Although he is very injured but miraculously survived the tanks accident.


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