German Schoolgirl Brainwashed by ISIS Afraid of Fallen into Hands of ISIS After Travelling to Join Online Boyfriend

German Schoolgirl Brainwashed by ISIS Afraid of Fallen into Hands of ISIS After Travelling to Join Online Boyfriend
Tue Jul 19, 2016 13:43:38

A German schoolgirl who is believed to have fallen into the hands of ISIS posed as her mother to buy a ticket to Istanbul.

Police believe 15-year-old Linda Wenzel had fallen in love with a man she met online who persuaded her to move to Syria via Turkey to join him.

Friends of the teenager from Pulsnitz in Eastern Germany told police she had suddenly started learning Arabic, wearing conservative clothing before she disappeared. 

Linda told her mother Catherine she was going to stay with friends.

Instead, she had forged a letter from her mother that allowed her to withdraw money from the bank.

She then used the counterfeit bank authorisation and her mother's forged identification papers to buy the ticket to Istanbul.

When her mother noticed she was missing, the teenager had already flown to Turkey and vanished.

Speaking from the schoolgirl's hometown of Pulsnitz in Eastern Germany, Catherine said she was devastated.

She said: 'When she did not come back and then I found out she had never even been there, I called the police.

'In her room they found a print of a plane ticket to Istanbul under the mattress.

'I was shocked, my daughter has never stolen or lied about anything before.

'I am devastated by the fact that she was apparently completely brainwashed and persuaded to leave the country by someone and that she managed to hide it from me.'

Classmate Jule, 16, had noticed her best friend change over time, and said: 'More and more Linda shied away from the rest of us. She suddenly dressed in long clothes and was learning Arabic.'

The criminal police of the state of Saxony are heading an international search for the girl.

But state attorney Till Neumann, 54, admits that the whereabouts of the girls are still unknown, Daily Mail reported.


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