Beating ISIS Back from More Positions in Manbij Continues by SDF

Beating ISIS Back from More Positions in Manbij Continues by SDF
Sun Jul 17, 2016 17:50:40

The Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), in several hours of non-stop battle, pushed the ISIS back from more neighborhoods in the town of Manbij in Northeastern Aleppo and took full control of more key streets and building blocks.

The Kurdish-led SDF fighters continued their advances against the ISIS in al-Hazavaneh district in Eastern side of Manbij and captured al-Rabet street.

ISIS left behind scores of dead and wounded members and pulled the remaining pockets of is forces back from the battlefield.

The SDF fighters have started demining of the newly-liberated positions, local sources said.

In relevant developments on Thursday, the SDF seized back control of al-Nafous building in Manbij after killing tens of terrorists.

A military source said that after the Kurdish forces retook control of Seven Seas square in the Northern parts of Manbij, they could also regain al-Nafous building and seizing an ISIS tank in the region.

The source reported heavy clashes in Manbij, adding that the SDF say they are keeping the dead bodies of 25 ISIS terrorists, FNA reported.


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