BIZARRE VIDEO + PICS: ISIS Claims Responsibility for Eiffel Tower Fireworks Blaze

Sun Jul 17, 2016 16:09:04

ISIS has released a bizarre video celebrating the Bastille Day massacre and claiming responsibility for setting the Eiffel Tower on fire - despite the blaze being caused by fireworks.

ISIS terrorist network has released a gloating montage of their atrocities which included the attacks in Paris last year, the bombings in Brussels, the Sinai air disaster, and the mass shootings of LGBT people in Orlando.

Strangely the militants also try to claim they attacked Paris's iconic landmark, even though French authorities have confirmed that it was simply an issue with pyrotechnics organized for the Bastille Day celebrations.

The video begins with a warning, telling the Western world: 'We will reach your homelands, to your holidays and parties, killing you and burning you and crushing you.'

A montage then follows with news reel footage from each atrocity and the number of people killed.

The video then cuts to a man holding a pistol who turns to the camera and says in French 'This is a gift to Francois Hollande' before shooting at a wall.

The disturbing clip, released this evening, comes just days after ISIS fanatic Mohamed Lahouaiej Bouhlel, 31, ploughed his lorry into crowds watching Bastille Day fireworks in Nice.

On the same night as the massacre in Nice, a pyrotechnics fault caused great dark plumes of smoke to billow around the Eiffel Tower where crowds had gathered to enjoy a fireworks display.

Panic spread soon after the incident with many fearing the French capital had again suffered from a devastating attack by ISIS, leaving more than 130 dead.

However, the rumor was quickly quashed by French police who explained the fire had started by accident, by a truck carrying fireworks crossing the River Seine on the Pont d'Iéna bridge.

In a message shared on Twitter, the force said: 'Do not spread false rumors. No fire at #TourEiffel. Accidental truck fire took place on Jena bridge. It's out.'

This has not stopped ISIS from trying to claim responsibility.

Fire at the foot of the Eiffel Tower in Paris as police monitor (VIDEO - click on the photo)

In the film, a clip of fireworks going off around the iconic Parisian monument is shown before 'Fire at the Eiffel Tower' flashes up.

The montage then moves to the panic and devastation after the attack in Nice and the words 'Blood for Blood' flash onto the screen.

Chillingly the clip ends with the question: 'Who's next?' without confirming which country will be targeted, Daily Mail reported.


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