Syrian Forces Hit ISIS Fuel Cargo Hard in Sweida Province

Syrian Forces Hit ISIS Fuel Cargo Hard in Sweida Province
Tue Jul 12, 2016 15:27:11

The Syrian Army troops traced and targeted ISIS fuel cargo in Western Sweida heading towards militant-held region in the province, military sources said.

"The Syrian soldiers hit ISIL's tanker near the village of al-Aslaha," the sources said, adding, "Several members of the ISIL accompanying the cargo were killed or wounded in brief clashes with the Syrian army men."

In relevant developments in the Southern province on Friday, Syrian fighter jets targeted ISIS fuel convoy in Eastern Sweida and destroyed most of the tankers.

"ISIL's fuel convoy was on a road in Eastern side of Rusheideh, when the Syrian Air Force struck the terrorist group’s supply vehicles," the sources said, adding, "The convoy was completely destroyed by the Syrian Air Force, leaving a large stretch of highway engulfed in flames of exploded fuel tankers," FNA reported.


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